Announcing the IAJGS Official Overflow Hotel - The Westin Hotel is Accepting Reservations
From: robinnm (
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 16:28:31 -0800 (PST)

Dear Friends,

Today we have 339 people registered for the conference and the momentum is building! The Hilton reports that we have filled all standard rooms there and they only have Executive Rooms left which are more expensive... therefore:

1) We are pleased to announce that we have secured rooms at the Westin Hotel at the corner of Jana Pawla II and Grzybowska Streets, which is less than a 10 minute walk from the Hilton Warsaw. They are guaranteeing the rates only between 3 August and 12 August which are different dates than promised by the Hilton. We understand that they may be willing to add 13 August, but as always, the hotel says "Subject to Availability".

With an outstanding breakfast that may be the best in town, the Westin has some pretty good prices, BUT has a much more strict cancellation policy than the Hilton. The Hilton allows cancellation up to 72 hours before check-in ... BEWARE: The Westin has a 3 WEEK cancellation policy. They reserve the right to charge you one night if you cancel less than 3 weeks before check-in.

Modern, affordable, closer to the Centrum (The City Centre), the Nozyk Synagogue and the Kosher Restaurants, (I have not checked out the Shabbat arrangements for the Westin yet) -  people like it. 

Prices are:

414 zloty for single occupancy
486 zloty for double occupancy

These rates do not include WIFI but DO include their buffet breakfast and this is before an 8% tax.

The website seems to be about as reliable (meaning actually unreliable) as the Hilton website, so no promises there and IF you have any problems making reservations with the Westin, please write to eventplanner [at] and Zabrina or Allison will help you!

2) If you really want to stay at the Hilton instead, there are more expensive rooms available and you can try to use AARP, senior and AAA discounts along with our conference discount but we cannot guarantee any change in price as the hotel is very full.

The Link to the Westin's website will be provided to you in the thank you for registering for our conference. Please register for the conference and join the 339 other people who are coming to stand with the Jewish Community in Poland. As someone said to me recently, "We will not be bullied".

See you in Warsaw! This is going to be a very interesting conference!

Robinn Magid
Berkeley, California
IAJGS 2018 Warsaw Conference Lead Co-Chair

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