Re: Drinking Water, Airport Transportation, Debit Card Questions
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Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2018 20:17:43 -0700 (PDT)

I can only add to the discussion on #3, # 4.

#3 The airport has a link that explains taxi fares and other modes of transportation from Chopin Airport to the hotels:

There is a fare finder from the Chopin Airport and you can put in the location you are going:
By putting the Westin Hotel it came up with an estimate fare of  36,03 zł
By putting in the Hilton Hotel it came up with an estimated fare of  33,07 zł
Fares are calculated by kilometer
The caveat they list is that fares may vary by company and some tolls and surcharges may apply--
Charges may also increase for traveling at night according to Trip Advisor:

#4 Several years ago I was in Germany and my husband used his ATM card without the chip, and the ATM machine  "ate" or "took"/.the card. --When we walked into several different banks they all said if your card does not have the chip the ATMs won't work and can't get the card back.  I would suggest before you leave asking your bank about the chip issue as they will know if your card will be "taken" by the machine if it does not have a chip.  Our current ATM card is chip enabled and our bank told us that is required in Europe--but again best to check with your own bank.
Jan Meisels Allen

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1]  Got zero responses to my question earlier about drinking water - no idea if that means no one has a clue, or that it is obvious to everyone.  So asking again - safe to drink the tap water, or better not to drink it?  What about bottled water?

2]  Can one get from the Airport to the Westin via Public Transportation - and if yes, can anyone explain clearly how to do it?   How much does it cost, and is exact change required?

3] about how much is a Taxi from the airport to the Westin, and how much should one tip?  

4] Turns out the debit card I have that charges the least is one that is not chip-enabled.  Will I be able to use it at any of the ATMs?   



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