Re: More on Cash and Taxis in Poland
From: Dan Oren (
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2018 09:28:22 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Listserv members:

Your dedicated listserv moderator (Jay) invited me to join the group and offer 
comments that I’m already posting on facebook. I’m glad there is interest, and 
I’m happy to do so, as I’m receiving many personal responses to the comments 
I’ve posted on this listserv. But, as I’m sure occurs with many of you, I’m 
receiving hundreds of emails a day, and there just isn’t the time as a 
volunteer to respond to each in the individual manner to which I might aspire.  

Given my limitations, I would be grateful if you have any follow-up questions 
to my posts, kindly post them to the group. That way I will be able to respond 
to them easily and in one place. Additionally, it will give other members of 
this listserv (who might be informed themselves or might have different 
perspectives), a chance to respond as well.  

Meanwhile, I will respond now to the latest question I received:  

"Question: Is a Kantor(change booth) different than ATM? I have used ATMs to 
get local currency when I have traveled. Are there differences in the exchange 
rate between Kantors and ATMs besides daily fluctuation of rates?”  

Answer: A Kantor is a change shop. That means there is a human being who will 
take your dollars, rubles, Swiss Francs, Euros, shekels, or other common 
currency and exchange it for Zlotys (or vice versa). An ATM is an “Automated 
Teller Machine” that will take your bank’s ATM card and debit your bank account 
and provide you with currency. (Most ATMs in Poland will only provide Zlotys; a 
small number may provide Euros as well, but, remember, Zlotys are the official 
Polish currency.) Differences in exchange rates between Kantors and bank-owned 
ATMS (Bankomats) are usually negligible. (See
 for a photo of what a bank-owned ATM might look like. See for photos of what a 
KANTOR might look like.


Dan Oren  
Woodbridge, Connecticut USA

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