Re: Let's Talk About Food at the Warsaw Conference
From: Harvey Kabaker (
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 09:12:35 -0700 (PDT)


Yes, but be sure you have stated your need in your answers to these questions on the registration form:

"Are you planning to purchase any conference meals for yourself?"  (Answer yes.)

"For your meals, if you have medically based food needs, describe here; if not, type None." (Type your answer.)

There is a similar set of questions about meals you may plan to order for a spouse/domestic partner or guest.

We need to have this information well in advance of the Conference.

Harvey Kabaker
Registration Chair

On 4/16/18 12:13 AM, Hazel Boon wrote:
Hi Robinn,

Thanks for the update. I am gluten/wheat intolerant. Will consideration be given to people like me with food intolerances?



On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 4:21 PM, Robinn Magid via Discuss <discuss [at]> wrote:
Let's Talk about Food at the Conference
Well, I'm ready to announce the following about Food at the conference. If a luncheon is not all kosher, Kosher food will be available and we will have a kosher concessionaire at the Hilton too. All these plans are scheduled but tentative in case I've made an error:
Sunday: Share Fair will be from 3-5 in the afternoon and will feature FOOD to stimulate conversation and attendance. --> Probably local chocolate!
12 pm:  JRI-Poland Luncheon (all Kosher)
  5 pm:   Reception - probably featuring Latkes
12 pm: Litvak SIG Luncheon
  5 pm: Reception - probably featuring Pierogies
12 pm: Ukraine SIG Luncheon, Austria/Czech SIG Lunch, Ponevazys BOF Lunch, and French SIG Lunch,
  5 pm: JewishGen sponsored Reception - Apple Streudel - (all Kosher)
12 pm: BelarusSIG Luncheon and GerSIG Luncheon
  6:30 pm: Reception featuring Crudites and Hummus
  7 pm: Banquet / Gala
Okay, now you know we will have food... ready to sign up and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount (which expires April 28)?? Go to our website:

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