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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 13:45:36 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Kathi,

Interesting question. The emergency contact question is standard for IAJGS conferences. I always answer questions like these for medical emergencies, but my suggestion comes from the heart and soul of a Jewish Mother (and now I guess I say a Jewish Daughter) whose aim is to have my cake and eat it too:

I suggest that you put your European contact AND inform that person that in the event of a different sort of emergency that this European contact  - have the overseas instructions and contact information for you.

That's how I send my kids to school... Cover your bases the best way that you can clear your mind in order to enjoy the most of the conference.

Please sign up and tell all your friends to come along too. It's going to be a very special conference.

All the best,

Robinn Magid
Berkeley, California
IAJGS 2018 Warsaw Conference Lead Co-Chair
Robinn [at]

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I was wondering why the need for an emergency contact on the registration? Is it to have someone back home to contact in case of sudden illness/injury while in Warsaw, or to be able to reach me in the event that my email/telephone number is not working correctly? In each case, there would be someone different; one person in Europe while attending the conference, another person before the conference. Please advise. Thank you,

Kathi Freudenheim

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