Re: Kosher Shabbat Meals Friday, August 3rd & Friday, August 10th with the Nozyk Synagogue
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Dear Billie,

The conference doesn't actually begin until Sunday and the IAJGS does not usually plan Shabbat at all other than arranging a Friday evening (kosher) meal... which is usually in the hotel, but in this case, we had requests to arrange it with the local community (and it's expensive to rent a hotel room for this dinner).

I will write to the Nozyk Synagogue about Shabbat lunch and email this again, but it really is outside the scope of the conference and so, no, the conference is not arranging anything on Saturday like walks.  

The conference does not begin until Sunday.
All the best!

Robinn Magid
Berkeley, California
IAJGS 2018 Warsaw Conference Lead Co-Chair

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The Friday evening program sounds great, and I look forward to participating.  Are there any arrangements for Shabbat lunch, and some kind of program or activity (maybe a walking tour) for the rest of the very long day?

Best wishes,

Billie Stein

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Kosher Shabbat Meals on Friday, August 3rd and Friday, August 10th with the Nozyk Synagogue
Registration is open for Kosher Shabbat Dinners before or after the conference. We are excited to announce that this year we will hold the dinners with Rabbi Schudrich’s community from the historic Nozyk Synagogue. You can now register through our conference website and pay through your conference registration – for either or both of the Friday evening dinners (August 3 or 10, 2018) bookending our conference.
The Glatt Kosher meals will be catered by Mr. Pinchas Etzioni of Kosher Delight, Warsaw – and will be held with the Nozyk Synagogue community, led by Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland. The dinners will follow Kabbalat Shabbat services at this Orthodox synagogue to which the entire IAJGS conference assembly is invited.
The meals are served family style and typically include many vegan and (typically gefilte) fish options in the early courses. Allergies will be accommodated to the best of their ability, and they do try to be helpful.
The location of the dinner will most likely be at Grzybowska 2 - a larger building that the Nozyk usually uses for larger gatherings - due to the expected conference crowd. The building is a four-minute walk from the Nozyk at Twarda 6.  The price of the dinner is USD 26 and reservations should be made through our conference website before Friday, July 20, 2018 so preparations can be made.
We will post the dinner time and place as precisely as we can as the date gets closer. It will be somewhere around 8:30 or 9 pm; it is possible to attend the dinner and not the service. The community is small, friendly and there are usually other attendees from around the world as well.
If you prefer to make alternate arrangements (on your own), there are at least five Jewish organizations in Warsaw that hold regular Shabbat Services and may have Kabbalat Shabbat dinners. We encourage you to explore the Warsaw Jewish scene and make arrangements to dine and pray with the local community of your choosing.
All the best!
Robinn Magid, IAJGS 2018 Warsaw Conference Lead Co-Chair

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