How to Get Polish Currency as a Traveler
From: robinnm (
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2018 09:44:51 -0700 (PDT)
How to Get Polish Currency:

My first comment should be that major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in Poland...

However, there are ATM machines in both the Hilton Hotel and the Warsaw Chopin Airport.  Here are some details which are from MY PERSONAL experience:

1) I used a "Bankomat" machine there in the Hilton lobby back in November. It was near the Bell Desk at registration, and if it isn't there now, then there is a casino next door which I haven't been inside but must make access to currency easy somehow.

2) There is a bank about one block away from the Hilton, on Grzybowska between the Hilton and the Westin/IBIS Styx/Leonardo that is on the STAR system and others.

3) There are ATMs in the Warsaw Airport, that are a bit hidden from view, but are near the exit to the street, to the LEFT of the doors against the same wall. They are between other vendors. 

4) There are Currency Exchange booths and storefronts all over the airport and Warsaw, well, all over Poland in general.

All the best! See you all soon!

Robinn Magid
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