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From: Robinn Magid (
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 14:13:48 -0700 (PDT)
Okay, everyone... please notice that this email thread is not about the conference, but about something tangential to the conference... Interesting, huh?

Here goes... and watch me step into it further:

1) Interestingly Taube Tours AND POLIN Museum had the same problem accepting credit cards at one point, AND there was a complaint that Polin asked for personal data on a page that was not secured... I have reported all these things to all these groups, and things may have changed. I'm delighted that about 100 of you have figured out how to pay and I heartily support giving money to this museum.

I am not interested in arranging for deals and group trips as I believe that it is not in the museum's best interests, and I'd like them to come away from this with some money in their pocket since they are being very generous to us.. however, anyone interested in forming a group of ten or more can do that. There should be a conference bulletin board.

2) Yes, your confirmation from the Museum talks about picking up the Membership Card up at the Hilton, but I am working with them now to figure out how this could possibly work. The Hilton itself is not going to do this, so that probably leaves the Hospitality Desk that POLIN is staffing. I have to work it out with them a bit more as I do not want to be responsible for their membership cards and I am not convinced that the times they promised to work the Hospitality Desk fit with the idea of early pickup, so please hang on... I am not even sure that they know who is staying at the Hilton from their membership information intake, and I'm not really willing to figure it out for y'all with 100 cards.

3)  The Museum is open on Shabbat. It is closed on Tuesdays, even during the conference. We were told that they would open it on Tuesday if we paid for it as if it were a private event for the day, and we cannot afford it.  Because of their airport style security, there is no mechanical entrance that is works for Shomer Shabbes observance.

4) You do not need a membership card to visit the museum. You can pay by the day and find the price on their website. It is inexpensive. The summer is busy, and the museum can fill for the day, just like Disneyland does now. I do not know how often this happens.

All the best,

On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 11:17 AM, Russ Maurer <rrmmaur [at]> wrote:

2) Yes, we have told the Museum that there is a programming problem if you try to pay with credit card and do not have an established PayPal account. C'est la vie.

​I respectfully disagree.​

​While it is certainly the case that some people have had trouble navigating the POLIN website to purchase a membership, my experience is that there is not - and never was - a programming problem or any complication using a credit card, regardless of PayPal. The following instructions have worked for me and others.

If you start from   the entire process is in English. You have to click through multiple pages. On the page that has a space for a voucher number, you can skip that. On the page that requests your country, United States is alphabetically under "S". On the page where you can log in, choose the option to purchase without registering. Go through all the pages and click "confirm purchase" (I think that's the wording) on the last page. This is BEFORE you pay anything.  Only THEN will you be taken to payments page, where the usual credit cards are an option.

Russ Maurer

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